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Get Involved!

Your voice, ideas and participation help make the Edna Maguire magic happen!

All parents, guardians and caretakers are invited to become active community members.

Why Join the PTA?

Strengthen your child’s community with your membership.  Parent engagement, ideas and feedback are how we create a strong foundation for our Edna Maguire community.

Being a PTA member will allow you to...

  • Have your voice heard on important issues impacting your child's school experience. 

  • Connect to important school and community resources that you can use to support your child’s academic, social and emotional well-being.

  • Meet new people in a fun, welcoming environment. You’ll connect with other families with kids your child’s age, your child’s teachers and school staff, some community leaders and more!

  • Make new connections within our community, in our state and even across the country. PTA members all share a passion for and commitment to the health and welfare of all children.

Ways to Get Involved

Join today by donating on our PTA Paypal page.  A minimum $10 annual donation is required for an active membership.  Our fundraising goal for this year is a $250 donation per student.

  • Attend monthly online PTA meetings on the first Wednesday of every month to ensure you are engaged in the various ways the PTA can impact your child's school experience and build your parent/teacher Edna community.    

  • Volunteer your time in planning or working at school events. We ask that all parents do Just One Thing this year.

  • Join the PTA Board.

  • Chair or join a planning committee for a PTA event or group.

All Ideas, Questions, and Volunteers Welcome!


Open PTA Chair Positions

TRAFFIC, PARKING & SAFETY: Secure volunteers for car line and lead traffic/parking solutions on campus. 

MAKERS NIGHT: Chair or join a planning committee in planning our annual STEAM event where students engage in hands-on projects focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.  


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